This blog is about you: the indie, self-published author. What isn’t about me, that is, the librarian whose interest is to promote you and your work to other librarians, who will hopefully buy your books and help spread the word to your reading public.

Once you’ve achieved fame and fortune, of course I expect you’ll remember me as the WONDERFUL PERSON who helped you, recommending me and my PRICELESS BLOG and tireless DEDICATION as having been instrumental in building YOUR CAREER. At this point I will send you a GIFT LIST from which you may choose to express your APPRECIATION, at your discretion…

I had to try.

In addition to all this loveliness, if I think your stuff will be popular and circulate well at my own library (which I won’t mention by name, as I’m acting as an independent library representative), an instrumental member of one of the largest library consortiums in the country (and a four-star library, two years running) – I’ll expend part of my budget buying your work, promoting you to our patrons to the best of my ability, singing your praises with my off-key but obnoxiously persistent voice. I’ll interview you, talk you up on various bookish sites and generally be one of your BEST FRIENDS.

All this for the price of, well, nothing to you. For me, this is part of my job, for which I’m compensated by way of my hourly wage, which is stunningly high, as librarians are GREATLY APPRECIATED for all the work we do in preserving and disseminating information to the public. And yes, yes, if I achieve great fame for my part in advancing indie/self-pubbed authors along the way that’s no small beans, either.

So, feel free to contact me at: indie_librarian@yahoo.com if you have a book to peddle. To send me a copy of your book, you may either send a print copy via old fashioned, snail mail (I will provide the address upon request) or let me know, via email, how I may access it online. I have a Kindle and I’m not afraid to use it.

Good luck to you, in all your endeavors, and who knows? Maybe we’ll have the opportunity to work together.


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