Circle the Wagons!

Fellow librarians,

Assuming you’ve noticed the challenges facing libraries today and by “libraries” I’m talking about Public Libraries, just because I work at one, in NW suburban Chicago.

I have ideas for change. Some of you have ideas for change. We need to talk and do so quickly. We should have changed yesterday but what were we doing? Same old, same old, that’s what. Puttering around with Melvil Dewey and his public-unfriendly system of doing things. A lot of us have been sticking our heads in the ground, hoping this tech thing is just a fad.

Guess what? It ain’t.

We’re going to talk to some cutting edge libraries, libraries with ideas. Also, Movers & Shakers – both LJ’s and those we find other places. We will change, or at least tweak, the mission of libraries and what we’re about. Put the “community” in library. What needs does your own community have? What’s the demographic? How well are you doing re: reaching each group? Do you have a homeless population? Think, think!

How techie are you? Do you have techie people on board? High schools have techies on the edge of the curve. Have you considered partnering with them, chatting with the schools about what the kids can do for you, what they’d give credit for?

What about tech stores? Apple? Best Buy? How willing would they be to do a “Tech Bar” or two at your library?

Programming… It’s crucial. Grants and fund-raising? Friends of the Library?

You may have more at your disposal than you think.

Have an idea? Want to talk about problems you need help resolving, or problems your library has resolved? Send me a note:

Let’s stop operating in a vacuum. We may as well hit that last nail into the coffin if we do.

So much to cover, so many ideas to share…

That’s why I’m here.



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